Arts DTS Track - January DTS

Taking place within the January DTS, the Arts Track focuses on the question,

How do we create now that Jesus is our king?”

Come discover where this question will lead us as we:

  • Engage in creative times together
  • Prepare an art piece for an open exhibition in the city
  • Learn about different forms of art in workshops
  • Reach out to the people of Amsterdam creatively
  • Pray and intercede in the Tabernacle, our house of prayer, every week

Though we are artists, we believe we are first disciples. When we lay our artistry down at the feet of Jesus and allow him to speak in the process first, then we will be able to create from a true place. And it is from that place of surrender we encourage students to think outside of the box and try new things. Whether it is acting, singing, photography, culinary arts, electronic music, fine arts, crafts, typography, video, storytelling, spoken word or anything else, we want to create together.

Unlike most other arts DTS's, students don’t pick only one medium. This means that you can try different art disciplines in your time here. We aim to speak into and give direction to your creative process and look at how we can do that with Jesus.


The January Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a training course on discipleship to Jesus in the context of missions. The school is 23 weeks long, with the first half being lectures in Amsterdam and the second half being outreach to various nations.

We embark on this journey because Jesus has called us to make disciples of all people groups. In order to do this, we need to walk as disciples ourselves. If you’re ready, be prepared to:

  • Engage in 12 full lecture weeks on topics such as: Hearing God’s Voice, Jesus and the Cross, Missions, and much more
  • Spread the Gospel in Amsterdam in radical ways
  • Worship together in song and prayer
  • Live and eat in community
  • Have people speak words of direction and encouragement into your life
  • Travel to other countries to share the message of Jesus for 10 weeks
  • Step out of your comfort zone in nations not your own
  • Know God and make him known

At the start of 2020, we will run one DTS – the January DTS! All Core DTS and Arts DTS students will now be a part of this unified school. Next to the normal program of a DTS, the January DTS will contain two separate tracks: the Arts Track and the Core Track. In each track you will have times of specific lectures and activities regarding the focus of your choice.

Note: If you require a Visa for the Netherlands, your application deadline is October 25th.

Go into all the world and disciple all nations.

Matthew 28:19

To get involved, contact us here!