Reinier's story; The roof of Europe

On Mondaymorning June 27, 2016 our baseleader Reinier and Wietse swung their 15 KG backpacks over their shoulders to attempt to hike the 'Tour des Dents du Midi' in 3 days, including a pretty ambitious climb up 'Haute Cime' with an altitude of 2475 meter. To raise funds for our own roof fundraiser project these champs raised €8500 euro's if they were to make it to top. Reinier tells what happened;

Unfortunately there was way too much snow here, because of a lot of bad weather late in June. On the third day we got stuck and decided to move to a different area for another summit attempt: 'Pierre Avoi' with incredible views across the Rhône Vally, Grand Combin, and also... Dents du Midi.
This climb was done as a part of a fundraiser for YWAM Amsterdam. We had found over 40 businesses and individuals willing to support us with a certain amount per meter climbed.

Eventually we ended up reaching the altitude of 2475 meters above sea level, but lots of people ended up supporting us for the original 3257 meters that we were aiming at.
A big word of THANK YOU to everyone that supported us on this fundraiser! We couldn't have done this without you, and more importantly, we can't continue to do what we're called to without your support!

If you would like to find out more about the fundraiser please go to www.ywamamsterdam.com/raisetheroof