When a few years ago we as a leadership team were talking about our ‘at home days’ we decided to change the name of the week to ‘Rekindle’. While at home days was a perfect description of what it is, we wanted it to communicate a bit more purpose. There is a reason that we call YWAM Amsterdam our home. Everyone of our staff members has a story, a reason, a passion, faith, a calling to serve here. YWAM Amsterdam is Gods idea! He has brought us together. My desire is that during our annual week together everyone will be remembered again of what brought us here, individually and corporately. As daily life can be full and exciting, the city buzzing and inspiring yet dark and gloomy days trying to overwhelm us at times, we need to be reminded, Rekindled.

Well thats exactly what happend to me during this years Rekindle. I was definitely reminded and rekindled. Firstly I realised how pleased the Father is with me serving here. It was His call that brought me here, it was definitely not my idea, I’ve tried to get away so many times, but oh the joy found in simple obedience! Secondly I realised again that we are in this together. Our community is build up out +/- 90 beautiful individuals each with many gifts, talents and generous hearts. Thirdly I just fell in love with YWAM all over again. Such a beautiful movement! In one of the sessions Carl Tinnion shared how YWAM is a prophetic and apostolic movement since its beginning. Prophetic: Listening to God, seeing and believing for things that are not seen yet. Apostolic: Obeying Him, starting new things, releasing. It’s knowing Him and making Him known, listening and obeying, praying and going. Its my desire for YWAM Amsterdam to see many come through who will be set on fire with a deep love for Jesus and be launched into the nations with His burning zeal for the lost. He desires none to perish but all to be saved!

Anne Wijna, Tabernacle and Leadership Team


I really like Rekindle. What it means, what it entails, and especially the fun that it brings. As Anne said, it used to be called the “at home days.” As is commonplace during the summer people take holidays, travel, and the world just seems to slow down a bit. But that doesn’t mean that our flames stop burning. The point of the week is for the staff of YWAM Amsterdam to bring all those little flames back to our home and put them together into one, massive, bright burning flame again to start the school year.

But how do we do that? How do we stoke this fire up to be burning all as one again? Well, for one, we get some time to catch up together again. Meet the new staff, hear visions, and listen to one another. I work in our Media and Communications department. I see how many people come in and out of our community throughout the year and it’s pretty crazy. So, when some of our staff are based somewhere else in the city and don’t necessarily work at De Poort every day of the week and therefore don’t have the chance to meet all the staff all the time, it helps to have this time to talk with the faces we see but don’t get the chance to hear what’s God’s doing in their life.

And hearing that is what stokes my fire. Testimony is such an encouragement of God’s goodness and faithfulness and hearing that is the, sometimes too often, necessary reminder that God still moves and doesn’t plan on stopping. It’s also awesome to share some of the things that I’ve been working on, personal projects, base projects, and plans that I have to help see God’s work in YWAM Amsterdam thrive. The sharing, the listening, and the coming together all work as one to be the poker of the fire that is YWAM Amsterdam. Bringing us closer to get us fired up for the new students and the new season.

Zach Zwiers, Media and Communications