About Working With YWAM Amsterdam

Though each of us have a different story, everyone at YWAM Amsterdam has felt God’s direction to join this urban missional community. If you feel God speaking to you about joining us here, please read the information below to gain a great perspective of what that looks like. 

We are all volunteers

All staff and volunteers are asked to put their faith and trust in God for their finances and are responsible to raise their own support by sharing their vision with churches, family and friends. By doing this we practice a dependancy on God throughout our entire lives, not only in our ministry.



YWAM Amsterdam is a group of friends following Jesus. As an organisation, as workers and volunteers, as mentors and friends, as a community, we are devoted to following Jesus together and carrying out His work here in the city of Amsterdam and around the world. Everyday, we seek to better know Jesus through relationship and organically building His kingdom together.


There are several different ways on how to get involved:

  • Full time staff; you have done a DTS and are looking to join us long term.
  • Full time volunteer; you haven't done a DTS and want to join us for not longer than 1 year
  • Part time volunteer; you haven't done a DTS and you want to be involved part time

ONce i am accepted, when can i Arrive?

We will inform you when we are ready to receive you. For non-Europeans, your permits must be granted before you come. Also, we need to check the availability of your allocated room. If you are staying longer than three months, you will be required to take part in a New Staff Orientation (NSO) before you begin working. The Orientation weeks are held four times a year, the last week of: February, May, August and November.

Still have questions? Read our frequently asked questions.

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