About the Application Process

Do you still have questions? Read our frequently asked questions or contact us here.

So great you're interested in getting involved with YWAM Amsterdam! Here is a quick overview of the application process.

1. Get in contact with us!

Start the application process by filling out this quick form! This will give us a good idea of what your interests are and how we can help you best in your application process. If you are still unsure about applying, this would be a good time for us to answer any questions you have.

2. Applying

As soon as we’ve answered your questions and you're ready to apply, we will send you the link to the online application forms.

3. Application Fee

After sending your application form, please make your application fee payment.

4. References

Depending on what you're applying for, we will email your specified references to ask for their input on your application.

5. Quick Call

Once we have your application and all references, we will set up a quick (skype) call with you to get to know you more and answer any questions.

6. Onboarding

After we've prayerfully made the decision wether your involvement with YWAM Amsterdam will a good place for you, we will start the onboarding process. We will ask you for a little bit more information from you to serve you best in this process.

Residence Permits

For those with citizenship outside the European Union wanting to stay longer than three months, there will be additional paperwork to complete once you have been accepted. You may find more information here.


Depending on the duration of your stay, all new staff are required to complete a New Staff Orientation upon arrival to YWAM Amsterdam. The New Staff Orientation is held four times a year, in February, May, August and November.