1:11 Intensive

The OneEleven Intensive equips you with vision from the word of God along with practical skills needed to sustain prayer and worship in any context.

This coming summer we will offer a special condensed one-week version of Crescendo which is called ‘ OneEleven Intensive’. This training is specifically designed for prayer leaders, singers, musicians, worship leaders and teachers.

Receive training and teaching to be able to start or advance existing places and communities of worship and prayer in Europe and beyond.

We will provide biblical teaching on key topics that will help to establish and sustain places of worship and prayer. We also provide practical training and coaching in the areas of leading prayer, worship, singing and playing instruments. You will learn to apply this in the setting of a house of prayer.

The full program, including housing (dorm room style), food and training will cost €275,- and €205 for returning Crescendo school graduates.

Click here [https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSflSAWtFekJ0XDaKYImXkaS6INYBShgMxat2FITtPm9QU1mlA/viewform ] to apply for the OneEleven Intensive.

Or for more questions email to: 111intensive@prayerproject.eu

1:11 Intensive is offered in partnership with 1:11 Global. [https://111global.org/]

To get involved, contact us here!