School of Biblical Studies

The School of Biblical Studies, or SBS for short, is a nine-month program for students who want to get to know the Bible better and find out what it means to apply God's values from this ancient book to our contemporary society.

Our SBS is located in the heart of Amsterdam, where together with other passionate youth called for missions in Amsterdam and Europe, you will reach out to a world that sees faith as obsolete. Together with your staff and fellow students, we will not only take the time to study the Bible, but actively look for new ways to apply the faith. Our lessons and assignments focus on the rich art, culture and history of Europe, where we will discover how the Bible has shaped Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Europe. By bringing together our culture and Biblical values, we will discover how this will enrich our current view of the world and future experience of faith.

During the school we will mainly learn to interpret the Bible through the inductive study method and we will get acquainted with the different authors and styles of each book. This method teaches us to put ourselves in the original readers, and as soon as we understand this, look at a modern application. During the SBS we will read the entire Bible more than five times and you will discover for yourself what shapes our faith as followers of Christ. We start each book by reading it out loud, studying the writing style and conducting in-depth research on the author, the original readers and the cultural background of the text. After this we go through the text step by step and we interpret the deeper meaning.

The school is an officially recognized program of the University of the Nations. After successfully completing the SBS, you will have a profound understanding of the Old and New Testaments. The study provides you with the skills and knowledge for a life of study in God's living Word and prepares you to shape your life of faith as you reach out to your city.

"One of my biggest takeaways from SBS is realizing how God sees me as an ambassador of Christ, as said in 2 Corinthians 5:20. I see this as a way of God showing how He trusts His people and wants to partner with us. Even God trusts the unworthy, so why shouldn't we trust Him, the most worthy One? I can now see this shown Throughout the whole Bible, and has inspired me to go out and be used by God. "
-Benji Yañez Punt, SBS 2019-2020 student

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