Crescendo, trains worship leaders, prayer leaders, musicians and singers for corporate, continuous and joyful worship and intercession. Those who are fueled with an uncompromising passion for the name of Jesus to be known in the ends of the earth and endless songs to be sung of His worth. We aim to train and release missionally minded singers and musicians to bring the good news of the kingdom and build night and day prayer in every place.

In the last 20 years, a worship and prayer movement has emerged that is igniting a new generation to set up prayer houses all around the world. These furnaces of worship and prayer are releasing a new wave of passionate intercessors who are fueled by a desire for Jesus to be their first love, encountering His presence and impacting a lost and broken world.

This school's focus goes beyond music or gifting. It goes deeper than emotions or personal experiences and higher than the lives that we lead. We are here to encounter God, minister to Him and lead others to do the same. When we truly encounter God, we will be changed; we will be instruments in God's hands to bring change in others and create a place for God to dwell. The goal of this school is to raise up worshipers and leaders who are growing in the ways of God, declaring His beauty to the nations.

Join YWAM Amsterdam and IHOPU Kansas City for a 3-week intensive: training prophetic musicians with theological understanding while gaining practical tools on how to fuel, foster and infuse prayer in your community, mission base, praying church or house of prayer. 

Students will participate in group music lessons, theory classes and worship team labs, along with biblical training that will help prepare them to be dynamic leaders in the prayer and missions movement.

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This school has already started. For information about any future schools or for other questions, please contact us here.