Bible Core Course

The Bible Core Course (BCC) is a 12 weeks course that will give the student a thorough understanding of the inductive approach of Bible study, equipping them with many tools for integrating the Word of God into their personal life and using it as a foundation for ministry.

The student is taught on how to employ the many diverse and creative methods for observing, interpreting and applying the Scriptures.

The course will not only help you with personal study of the Bible, but also provides a great foundation for life-long ministry. This is an exciting way of studying the Word and it’s incredibly simple. We believe in studying for life change.

Putting the Bible into practice

The student will learn how to memorise and meditate on the Word, how to teach, preach and run a small group Bible study. Also, how to use the Word to prepare evangelistic messages, pray and worship.

Getting a bigger picture

During the course the student will read through the entire Bible and study many books in depth. These books are from both the Old and New Testament, giving the students an opportunity to work with every form of literature in the Bible and create timelines for both the New and Old Testament.

The student will also get the opportunity to be involved in topical seminars, dramatic recreations as well as various forms of research, including historical, archaeological, literary and geographical studies.

Getting out into the city

It will be a hands on approach with times in and out of the classroom. We read the bible in coffee bars, malls, on buses, trains and other locations out in the city. Through reading the bible in public, we’ve actually had people come to the Lord through this!



Besides giving the student the skills needed for studying the Bible, the Bible Core Course provides a means for learning how to incorporate the Scriptures into areas of evangelism, worship and intercession.

Students learn how to memorise and meditate on the Word. They are also given opportunities to gain experience in leading small groups Bible studies and enhance their skills in teaching and preaching the Word.

If you have a heart to learn more about God’s Word and want to deepen your relationship with God, you are welcome to join this amazing school. Come and encounter God through His Word!

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