Arts DTS

The Arts DTS is a 23 weeks long discipleship program for anyone with a desire to deepen their relationship with God, release their creativity and share God’s love with the nations.

The first 11 weeks are a time of quality teaching, small group discussions, one-on-one discipleship, worship, prayer, arts, community living and a lot of fun, in the heart of Amsterdam

This is followed by a cross-cultural, international 11 week outreach where we tell people about God’s never ending love for us! Outreach is all about evangelism, and as an Arts DTS we will come up with fun an imaginative ways of doing so.

To know God and to make Him known

This is the main goal of the Arts DTS and YWAM globally. Our emphasis is not so much on knowledge gained, but on principles applied; not on information, but transformation; not on heads filled with facts, but hearts filled with faith.

Global awareness is a special emphasis throughout the course, preparing the students to answer Christ’s call to;

Go into all the world and disciple all nations.

Matthew 28:19



We believe that God is the ultimate Creator and that He created us in His image, also with the ability to create. In our school we encourage our students to be creative, think outside of the box and try new things.

Although we do offers some specific workshops throughout your time here, it is more about giving you the space, time and tools to get in the flow of creating.

Students learn from each other, from our staff, from our students and sometimes just through discovering things on their own, whether it is acting, singing, photography, culinary arts, electronic music, fine arts, crafts, typography, video, storytelling, spoken word or anything you might want to try out. We’ll try to facilitate your creative process.

What makes us unique is that, unlike most other ARTS/Creative DTS's we don't work with tracks. This means that you can try different art disciplines instead of focusing on just one, and most of the workshops are optional so you can attend the ones that interest you.

To get involved, contact us here!