Media and Communications

The Media and Communications Team is a creative group of friends that use their skills in digital media to undergo projects that they’re passionate about and make an impact in the world.

Some of their ambitious undertakings are to mobilise and equip missionaries to go forth into the mission field they feel God calling them to, inspire people with stories of the incredible things that God is doing around Amsterdam and serve worldwide missions with innovative and creative problem solving.

More concretely, this means the following;

  • Working on YWAM Amsterdam’s communications to see more missionaries come to this beautiful city for training and ministry.
  • Seeking direction from the Lord to create a message campaign to encourage young people to find a group of friends to follow Jesus with and shape the world around them.
  • Working on a platform for digital creative storytelling to inspire people with what God is doing in Amsterdam and challenge the secular worldview.

The team is always looking for talented people to help us change the world by creating beautiful things with Jesus.

To get involved, contact us here!