Mosaic is a community eager to attract people wanting to explore creativity in new ways. They place a strong emphasis on providing a space to dream and create with God, collaborate with other people, as well as using their imaginations to cultivate new and creative ideas to impact the world around them.

Week to week, Mosaic maintains a rhythm of spiritual discipline, intercession and worship times, bible studies and taking time to reach out and connect with the city. This rhythm helps keep their community grounded in discipleship as they explore creativity. Members of the community are given the time and freedom to work on individual creative projects and initiatives from writing music, to filmmaking and visual arts exhibitions.

At the core, Mosaic wants to create mental space in the body of Christ to provide opportunity to explore their creative gifts and physical spaces for artists to explore their imagination and collaborate with other artists. Whether its a music studio, a workshop, or a computer screen.


To get involved, contact us here!