Making Disciples in Noord

A group of YWAM Amsterdam staff go out several times a week to Amsterdam Noord to see a network of disciples of Jesus grow and share the message of the kingdom of God.

The team likes to meet the people in Noord where they’re at and serve them by asking for requests for prayer for the neighbourhood and if they’d like, their personal lives. This has led to interesting conversations that have turned into new friendships.

“Most of the time people mention criminality, the wish for more social cohesion in the neighbourhood or sometimes simply the lack of parking space.”

“People have also shared before how ‘stuck’ they feel or how they can only feel darkness, but after we pray for them, they thank us saying we’ve made their day. After a good conversation, we ask if they’d like to continue another time over coffee.”

The group lives life together with those who don’t quickly would go to church and together follow Jesus by reading, eating and drinking coffee together.

The aim is to see a disciple making movement by inviting people to include others in their journey of getting to know Jesus and learning about Gods kingdom. “We invite them to think about who they can include in their journey of getting to know Jesus.”

The group now consists of 6 members reaching out several times a week and hopes to slowly but broadly see a multiplication of disciples of Jesus in Amsterdam.

To get involved, contact us here!