Hospitality Seminar

The hospitality seminar is for YWAMers who would like to grow in their understanding of spiritual and practical hospitality; whether that be in a ministry context or in their own personal lives. This is not a seminar about napkin-folding, and it’s not just for women! Hospitality is one of YWAM’s key foundational values and is about learning how to leave people better than we found them.

The goal of this seminar is to impart hospitality from a biblical perspective, giving practical skills and communicating the heart of love and service behind it so that it can be lived out in our communities and ministries. Spending time in lectures and workshops, we are looking forward to growing in our knowledge of Biblical hospitality, the heart of celebration, communication, cross-cultural hospitality, event planning, and God’s heart for hospitality- together.


“I came to the hospitality seminar expecting simply job training, but Rita made this time into something deeper and more beautiful: heart training that extended to all of life and every season. Through the lectures, workshops and fellowship, I gained a greater appreciation of God’s heart for hospitality and its ability to transform lives”
-Bethany Pauls

Typical content for the seminar includes:

  • What God’s word says about hospitality
  • Characteristics of a host or hostess
  • Why hospitality is important to us as a mission
  • How to prepare and receive guests
  • Preparing and receiving gifts.
  • The art of encouragement
  • Communication
  • Meaningful Mealtimes
  • The Family and Hospitality
  • Speaker Hospitality
  • Practical Creative Skills: Basic flower arranging, cards, baking and more

To get involved, contact us here!